Couple days ago, totally felt someone just punched me in the eyes when I was in class. Yesterday, my left arm got unwell more frequently when I was working on my animation. I really want to do some crazy fun outdoor activities.. Tried to build something from snow this morning before class, but the snow was too dry.
Failed T_T Then I doodled this out in the history class.


Alina Chau said...

Ahhhh ... I can so related to you!! I feel just like that a few weeks ago, when I paper cut my finger, do somethings stupid and injure my pinky ... twisted my neck while sleeping... and draw in the wrong chair and hurt my back and neck!! >.<

7414Stars said...

Alina, wow. What you just had sounds worse than me! I HATE it when my neck got twisted while sleeping.

I sort of injured my left thumb finger when I was chopping the garlic fast couple days ago too. I cut the nail and the finger hurt >___<

Hope you already feel better by now!!

and Thank you for stopping by ^_____^

Luís Henrique said...

Hello! I'm brazilian and I knew your blog a few days ago, but I'm liking so much it. What course you do, exatly?

A.J. Bell said...

Oes Noes! Not punched in the eye, I hate it when that happens. Reminds me of this:
Well, at least you still have your hands, right?

7414Stars said...

Oi Luis!
Obrigada for liking my blog ^^

I'm studying animation at school and it's required to take certain amount of art history classes, along with social & natural sciences, and writing & literature.

7414Stars said...

Hey A.J!
Thank you for stopping by, and yea, it's annoying when you feel your eyes have been punched!
I never saw that animation before, and that's totally OUCH!!! Thank you for sharing ^^

And yep2, I'm so glad that I can still feel my arm hurts.. means I have my arms :]
and actually just half sliced my left thumb earlier today, when I was trying to clean my silicon mold with a knife.. haha ^_^'

Joseph said...

Wow I had no idea you were such a great artist. Your sketches are fun and creative!!! I have totally felt this way before.

7414Stars said...

Why, Joe, Thank you for your kind words ^_____^