One of those kind of dreams

So glad I woke up from my nap when I was in the middle of struggling with this weird zombie who was, of course, trying to kill me. He must be a zombie since he's still alive even after the back of his head was being shot couple times. I woke up in that weird position. My best guess I dreamed that zombie because before I decided to take a nap, I watched this bloody excellent work by Gobelins students, My Bloody Lad - Dead Walter.


Margaret Hardy said...

Ah! I haven't seen that short yet, I may have disturbing naps today as well x)

chengwhich said...

man, you put a good fight! :P that animation was crazy violent, too - i suppose i should prepare for some mental weirdness tonight.

k.mediani said...

Meg: haha it's really well done for that story and purpose, I'd say :p

Davin: Yea, good fight by coming back to reality when I knew I close to be slaughtered :p