Some storyboards I did for BBC and Netflix's 2018 "Watership Down", also an excerpt from Shaun the Sheep series 5 ep. "Sheep Farmer"

The Efrafan army are positioning themselves, surrounding Hazel's warren that is beneath the tree.

Being surrounded by the Efrafan army, Hazel leads Bluebell and Bigwig to sneakily go to Keehar's cave to get help.
Storyboard direction: Pete Dodd


Baby Shaun and Bitzer for AardAuction

This was my piece for AardAuction that was held of Ebay last week, among other fantastic original art by Nick Park, Rich Webber, Andy Janes, Mike Salter, Will Becher, Ashley Boddy, Pete Lord, and other Aardman artists.

With all proceed goes to #AardRiders Fundraising for Bristol Children's Hospital Charity the Grand Appeal, the auction turned out very well! Many thanks to all the very lovely bidders!


Pocket Moleskine Covers

Ink, Goauche, Acrylic - doodles on covers of the last set of pocket Moleskine Cahiers I got.


London June 2016

For 3/4 of June, I was in London for an exciting job with an awesome, very talented and friendly crew! 
Outside work and pub, I got to explore more of London. 
Sometimes I got to horribly sketch nice people while from on the bus and tube commuting for work.


Serbia May 2016

Finally rewarded myself a new toy, the Moleskine that's not Cahier and thought it'd be fun to try out watercolor in my sketches. 
Some sketches from beautiful countryside in Serbia, mostly Tabanovic.


Maroc March-April 2016

Was very fortunate that I got to check out Morocco for 1.5 month back in March-April and went around from North, South, back to the centre. It was a really cool experience, absolutely beautifully inspiring place :)
Tried to sketch when I could and here are some of them.