Himalayas doodles

... and bath tub. Sketches following conversation with a friend! "What!? It's been that long since we saw each other?" "Maybe we can meet in dreams." "We'll go to the Himalayas and not worry of dying cos of the extreme cold!" Ugh it's such a great distraction cos I just had to sketch these all out. I need to go explore snowy mountains!


Random Girlies

Stumbled upon a sexy drawing by Shane Glines while transferring files to flash drive (so many distractions even when not browsing the web and blogs) then I just had to doodle. Please excuse all the incorrectness on Sailor Jupiter. She randomly came across my mind cos I was talking about anime influence with Eric Fortune the other time, and I didn't bother to look up for reference.


I found this buried in the folders! and never got to finish the idea of drawing the inside covers continuing the story. Maybe I'll do it one day when I find the passion to spend time to do it in this now-old small moleskine. I remember I drew this at the brink of quite complicated moving, very hectic and exhausting time during last Summer.


From Saturday 02/23 Morning

I went to the "Invisible Art, Visible Artists" Seminar 2013 - it was a really great and inspiring panel.