Chased by Bats!

I am ready for more "being chased" dreams, or nightmares, like one this morning - in the upcoming weeks! 


Start Wearing Purple

Was too busy then away from my scanner to scan any of the Inktober doodles. Here's some of them that I did with purple post-it notes. That time, a girl I met just told me about "Start Wearing Purple" by Gogol Bordello.


My Days visiting Friends

Visiting some super friends in SoMa and when they're all out to work...

                                                                           Were you expecting me to have crazy parties using their place while they're away at their work? 
C'mon. I'm a very respectful guest :) 
*Not that what's in the story truly happened either - mostly fiction*


Chat with Him

A good friend of mine called the other day so we had a video chat. 
To think of, it maybe look like Spike Jonze's new film Her


Happy Cakeday!

A Cake-tile birthday wish for MJM so for real everyone giving him cakes. Virtual cake is counted, I say. Keeping the birthday boy from cake overdose.


East Coast Trip Sketches

Some sketches from my awesome recent LA - Ohio - Pittsburgh - DC area - LA trip! 

I wish I sketched more and could described how awesome the packed trip was.


Shroom Woods

A quickie inspired by this awesomely beautiful procedural image. Obviously my drawing didn't do any justice anywhere close to the actual stunning work!
In addition to mostly drawing, I've been very fortunate to be annually involved at SIGGRAPH since 2008, where mind-blowing, latest computer graphics technology being presented. I love SIGGRAPH and the people :) 



Just this past weekend my good friends Jen and Erich got married! Woohoo!
I knew them since my early days in college and couldn't be happier to be there to celebrate their moment. They're really cute and it was such a beautiful wedding!!