Kamen Raider Black

My childhood ^^ Haven't seen this opening for probably about 15 years?
Can't remember what year I used to watch this show, and Kamen Raider Black RX.


The monster that lives in my head...

... wants to draw too.

And I found a scanned page of my sketchbook a year ago. I was doodling an imagination friendly forest I think.


daydreaming - work in progress

Work in progress. Just practicing. (Ugh, why is the color always washed off..)
I daydream if I can go to the mountains nearby my hometown.
I do miss home sometimes.



My first time playing around with Sculpey.
I know, I know, poor me. Need to play around with it more and use the sculpting tools.


my friend

a chibi version of him as he requested, since almost 3 years ago.
It's javascript language on the background. He does coding a lot.



B'Day Cake for My Little Brother

a quick doodle I did as a late b'day present for my lil' brother. He always drew a cake (with a house, a pond, and a tree on top of it) for my birthdays, usually with a giant knife next to it. So this year, I decided to quickly "bake" a cake for him and send it through e-mail. I know, I know, it doesn't look great.. >_<