From the Artists at Bento Box :)

Huge thanks to everyone for the awesome drawings!! Now I can sell these on eBay.. jk. NEVER will.
We were drawing on napkins over lunch one day.. Perry just unstoppably kept drawing perfectly. I loved this drawing by him so I kept it with me!
Dave drew me haha. He drew it with his left hand too but he's right handed :O
Really cool send-off drawing from Devin!
Another drawing by Perry, this time in my sketchbook :)
It's a Mickey Belcher! :D by Wes Archer!!
Burger Spirit and Free Burgers! by Phil Hayes and Wes :)
I was working on the show Bob's Burgers with those great artists above and learning so much from them. The show is about Bob Belcher and his family running a burger restaurant. It's aired on Fox so you should check it out!



Vancouver, BC. View of North Vancouver from Vancouver Convention Center, 3rd Floor. Yea I was there having a blast at SIGGRAPH 2011!
La Jolla Beach, CA - stopped by there after I skydived (tandem) in the morning!