The Scorpion

Attempt to do Mike Mignola's style (failed). 
Subject is surely derived from the notorious satin jacket from a recent released crime movie. Like my other recent posts except the one prior to this.


Tea Time with R2

Ok, enough with the depressing drawings I've been posting lately.. (I realized lately they've been quite depressing, some kind of emo feeling, and/or a tiny bit bloody).

I drew this as my response to an awfully nice blog post by a super awesome & kind gentleman. I was completely speechless when I saw that blog post. Wish my drawing was wayyy much better to do the justice of the kindness! (Work & practice harder!! >___< )

Below are the brainstorming sketches. A teapot ride doesn't seem to be a specifically enjoyable ride? Having tea is nicer, no?

Thank you, Jason.


One of those kind of dreams

So glad I woke up from my nap when I was in the middle of struggling with this weird zombie who was, of course, trying to kill me. He must be a zombie since he's still alive even after the back of his head was being shot couple times. I woke up in that weird position. My best guess I dreamed that zombie because before I decided to take a nap, I watched this bloody excellent work by Gobelins students, My Bloody Lad - Dead Walter.


Dead Animals on the Street..

Recently, I saw dead animals on the street while I'm on my way to school.
While I was walking to school earlier today (or.. yesterday afternoon to be precise) I saw this scene above a block from my apartment. Poor squirrel! Being hit & run and eaten by the crows :( There were three crows while I walked passing by.
 It was just exactly last week, that I saw a dead cat laid down on the grass, within the same block where I saw the gory scene of the squirrel. This cat had his/her eyes opened, and the throat was slit and there were a couple blood lines on it. The cat was pretty big too. It quite really shocked me, seriously made me wonder what actually happened to this poor cat.
And it was only a month ago that I found this cute small bird.. dead, on the sidewalk on campus. I moved it to the grass area behind the big pine tree, the so no one would step on it since the pavement of the sidewalk was also gray in color :( I didn't know how could I bury it without trespassing others properties. I took a picture of it with my not-so-good phone camera. Made me sad.  


Ink wasting meditation

One of those ink wasting pages I've made while in class or on bus, on a recycled small notepad and using a recycled ballpoint pen I got from an industry event earlier this year.


This was my brother more than 10 years ago. Almost every evening, he would sit on the floor for such a long time and spin the basketball on its Y axis without moving anywhere else. While the basketball kept spinning and spinning really fast, he'd stare at it intensely. I had no idea how he pulled it off - I tried to spin it like he did --> instant failure! And sometimes he did it with out frying pan too! He was a weird baby, like his sister I guess.


Terminus - character & shot sketches

 Did this over the weekend for an independent drama short called "Terminus". The storyboard was done very quick just based on the shot list I was given. More info about the film can be viewed here and here's the Kickstarter link!



One of Those Dreams

I had this dream one morning this past week. Jumping around on top of ruined buildings, and suddenly big cats appear chasing me. Scary, but seriously felt pretty cool. There's bigger story and world within the dream, maybe I'll sketch another one later.


Another Thank You card! Because there are SO many very nice people! :)


The Pig wih the Froggy Tattoo

I normally don't do anything or care much with popular video on the net, but I couldn't resist the urge to get this out towards this parody. Meh my doodle didn't do any justice of the movie style :/ Being honest, I'm not crazy for returns of The Muppets (yet), but December 21st this year surely is exciting :)


flowing gash

Just wanted to doodle something before getting rid of this brown paper.


From the Artists at Bento Box :)

Huge thanks to everyone for the awesome drawings!! Now I can sell these on eBay.. jk. NEVER will.
We were drawing on napkins over lunch one day.. Perry just unstoppably kept drawing perfectly. I loved this drawing by him so I kept it with me!
Dave drew me haha. He drew it with his left hand too but he's right handed :O
Really cool send-off drawing from Devin!
Another drawing by Perry, this time in my sketchbook :)
It's a Mickey Belcher! :D by Wes Archer!!
Burger Spirit and Free Burgers! by Phil Hayes and Wes :)
I was working on the show Bob's Burgers with those great artists above and learning so much from them. The show is about Bob Belcher and his family running a burger restaurant. It's aired on Fox so you should check it out!