Blue sky...

I was so tired on my way back from school, many people have been asking for me to be there and support them at one time, while my own stuff have been giving me much pressure.
But when I looked up, there was the clear crisp blue and really made me feel better. Then, drawing this out has given me new energy! I love drawing ^^


Storyboard Study - Meeting John Doe

Storyboard study from one of my favorite movies, Se7en, directed by David Fincher.
This is the part when they're visiting John Doe's apartment. The shots are happen at the stairways and the 6th floor hallway of the apartment building. The following shot after is Mills shouting "The Fifth Floor" as he's getting down to the 5th floor.
I saw things I simply didn't notice before although I've watched it quite few times.


White Petals

梔子花 白花瓣 落在我藍色百褶裙上
White petals of orange flowers fall on my blue pleated skirt

A line from a song that a good friend liked, back when I was in middle school.