Film study

No Country for Old Men (2007) 

Felt like this scene was shown good times in classes. Maybe only twice in reality.
Written, Directed and Edited by the Coen brothers.



Beheaded SkullYeti

Am due for a new small sketchbook so I drew on the cover, continuing the previous one.

Turned out way rougher and my white gel ink was drying out! 
Nevertheless, it was fun!


Morning of August 13th, 2013

Apparently if I thought about someone hard enough, she'd appear just from around the corner!! In Mary's words: The most literal "I ran into one one on the street."

Mary Nash is super cool!! and a mad talented artist too, check out her sketches tumblr!
I met Mary through my friend Barbara and pretty much I made this sketches as a report to her :p 

Oh and super Jeremy helped me fixed a weird perspective! He's too kind!


Joshua Tree Camp

Camped at to Joshua Tree National Park last night!!
That place is an incredible playground and spot for star gazing!


Many thanks to Mary who hosted and organized the camping!
 It was my 2nd time checking out that other world, but my friend Clay has been there at least 20times!!


Awesome Allison!

Yesterday at work...

(That very confused feeling when you were trying to get into reality and believing that the person in front of you was really the Allison who already moved out from LA last year)

With that fact of her ability appearing from across the country, seriously, I think Allison Craig is an awesome ninja besides being a fantastic artist/animator and person. She taught me a bunch of Flash tricks and animating stuff at work last summer and a couple years before as well. How super nice, right? Didn't stop there.

This below happened one Monday morning in Summer 2012...

For real! Cupcake Ninja! who delivered the best cupcake ever!! 
Full disclosure: I've never been keen on those from the fancy cupcake shop down the street from the studio so Allison's home-baked cupcake totally was the best. 

Being a super cool person herself, Allison has bunch of super cool animation and adorable art stuff on her blog. Definitely check it out!

And this was my brainstorming/thumbnailing "sheet":



Took a break in the middle of running errands earlier today.