Awesome Allison!

Yesterday at work...

(That very confused feeling when you were trying to get into reality and believing that the person in front of you was really the Allison who already moved out from LA last year)

With that fact of her ability appearing from across the country, seriously, I think Allison Craig is an awesome ninja besides being a fantastic artist/animator and person. She taught me a bunch of Flash tricks and animating stuff at work last summer and a couple years before as well. How super nice, right? Didn't stop there.

This below happened one Monday morning in Summer 2012...

For real! Cupcake Ninja! who delivered the best cupcake ever!! 
Full disclosure: I've never been keen on those from the fancy cupcake shop down the street from the studio so Allison's home-baked cupcake totally was the best. 

Being a super cool person herself, Allison has bunch of super cool animation and adorable art stuff on her blog. Definitely check it out!

And this was my brainstorming/thumbnailing "sheet":


Anonymous said...

Cool boards, Tika. One suggestion, if I may, is that you can add a shot of your POV showing the cupcake by itself. The shot can come after just when you are turning to see the cupcake, so that it eases the confusion of your placement in screen. :D

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I would watch the continuing adventures of CUPCAKE NINJA!

k.mediani said...

Thank you for the kind feedback, Benett! :D

Erik, haha, nice :) I'm not an avid fan of cupcakes but maybe we'll eventually come up with a series of thrilling sugary adventures of Cupcake Ninja!

Allison said...

I love this, Tika! Being a ninja isn't hard, I just have to wait til you take a coffee break. ;D