Skull Yetis!

Skull Yetis!! Obviously inspired by Skull Monkeys created by Doug Tennapel. My sister and I played that game long time ago on PS1 and we absolutely loved it! The cinematics had great humor and awesome stop-mo animation and look. I got Tennapel to draw an original in my sketchbook at the latest CTN-X.. just because it was my childhood.

I also had my Spring 2013 Story Portfolio up online. 


Adventure in the Himalayas

Tikasaurus was so last year! This Spring's drawing subject is Wereyeti! I had fun drawing these and I hope I can have my own adventure at the Himalayas or any snowy mountain one day!
The idea of wereyeti, that I included in this story instead of a regular yeti, was inspired by Eric Fortune. By the way, Eric only paints absolutely amazingly gorgeous paintings and if you haven't seen them yet, do yourself a favor to check them out.


Birthday Card for a Super Cool Dude!

Distraction from projects, or good distraction cos I had fun. Although I obviously had no idea what I was doing here! A birthday card for a very good friend of mine but I don't think I captured him well :/ 
One of the top coolest dudes I've ever known, full of energy and very inspiring!! Always great hanging out times and he taught me to do tubing at the river last Summer. He would share me his most honest thoughts to motivate me to make good work, and things to look at, including the animation in this animation show by Gainax. I tried to draw him in that show anime style but I didn't succeed to completely get out of my comfort zone. Anyway, this drawing is also to cheering him to finish his personal animation short on top of his longgg hours and days of profesional work.


I Say, Get Lost!

People Sketches & Last UCLA Class with Glenn

Be prepared for some bad drawings! Brush pen (that I don't really like cos the ink stuck all over onto my hands) on 8.5x11 sketchpad. I wanted to kill all the 200pages in one month but got sidetracked with the need to do actual work.

The ones below in Black ink was done during last UCLA class with Glenn Vilppu yesterday. The model didn't show up so we had our drawing class under the sun at the beautiful Sculpture Garden. Our class group basically drawing other group of students which made us obvious "stalkers" but omg! away from fluorescent lights and fresh air! It was too much fun.
Made me want to tear up when he gave me a hug and wanted to cry out, "Now who's gonna erase my drawings - 'I'm gonna destroy your drawing' - and draw over it - 'Look, it's simple.' - and telling me that my life drawings simply aren't good!??" It was a great privilege to be his TA last quarter and learned how dedicated he really is a professional teacher and artist! :) One time he came to class straight from LAX from South America, and obviously he wasn't able to sleep well during the red-eye flight! We all already miss you, Glenn!

It's a true story told by my awesome classmate Diana: She saw a crow flying with a slice of pizza in his beaks on campus. Mutant Crow! The squirrels living on campus are mutant too, and fearless.

Students playing some ball game at the field.