China Trip 2012

Some sketchbook pages that I filled in during very very very recent my trip to China. I just got back earlier today. Mostly these were done while waiting (for the Metro to arrive at my desired stations, for people, for the bus to arrive at its destination, for the 8hours train to arrive, for the plane to land etc).

I wish I could sketch more places but we constantly walked in good speed and looking around. I have too many photos in my camera. Too lazy to take care of them anytime soon. I cut off all my connection to the world outside China. (Yes, gmail is truly blocked there unless you use VPN.)

I was reading and finished off that book about surviving the Pacific Ocean while I was crossing the Pacific Ocean (perfect, right? The flight was very bumpy too most of the time that the flight attendants were told to be seated and stopped giving beverages to us!) and coughed, felt very sick, towards the end of the book as my mind picturing the bloody pain and gore.

Hope everyone have a wonderful New Year's Eve! 
Some part of me is very tired. I hope I can fall asleep deeply and sleep off this weird feelings and exhaustion tonight. Seems most of my neighbors aren't partying here, hopefully.

I think this is my last post of this year. I had quite a very eventful, busy year of 2012. Met many inspiring and aspiring people and new friends. I got to see my brother even though only for 2 days U__U
Wish everyone another fantastic year!


Thank You 181B Fall 2012 class

I was TAing the Writing for Animation (Storyboarding) class this Fall quarter. Since the class is already over, I made this thank you card to all the super talented great students, for having me as their TA and being inspiring!
The class had a really combination of talents from different background that brought great dynamic to the class, and everyone did such great job in presenting their great stories! I was awed by how well they presented all of their boards and I totally didn't do any good when I had to take the class couple years ago. 
I'm looking forward to see more awesome things they're gonna create in the very near future!