Grated Finger - Cuter in Bunny Ears

I sketched this last week and Ryan posted it on Cuter in Bunny Ears today. I got my index finger bled for 1.5 hour on the previous day. Grating carrots could be that bloody.

I drew couple doodles today but not gonna share them, although I laughed so much while drawing 'em.


Sometime yesterday at MIA

My very good friend was at Miami Int'l Airport yesterday. Sadly he still missed his flight after many troubles and running with the speed of light. Glad he's alive and safe at his home now!



Pamela is one of my good friends since the 10th grade when we were classmates that year. She's been very supportive to what I do in life and recently she found a sketch of mine posted on Cuter in Bunny Ears a year ago. Then she asked me to do a sketch of her riding a bike with bunny ears. She doesn't need any pair of bunny ears with the fact she's already cute, unique and super cool. Even though I'm unsatisfied with how it turned out, but still had fun. Thanks, Pam!



New Year's long weekend sketchbook pages, some.

Hiking at Barton Creek Greenbelt on the first day of this year, a tree at Mt Bonnell, and people at LAX, Capital Metro Buses in Austin, and SFO.