Grated Finger - Cuter in Bunny Ears

I sketched this last week and Ryan posted it on Cuter in Bunny Ears today. I got my index finger bled for 1.5 hour on the previous day. Grating carrots could be that bloody.

I drew couple doodles today but not gonna share them, although I laughed so much while drawing 'em.


chengwhich said...

aww, i hope you didn't get all light headed from the finger cut. but yes, it's much cuter in bunny years. i think i'll double comment on this one on ryan's blog, too! haha.

k.mediani said...

Aw thank you, Davin!
I continued cooking with blood dripping :p :p :p I drew very rough thumbs in my sketchbook but drew all over them again so all messed up!
It's been 2.5 weeks so it's been clotting well! :)

chengwhich said...

did the blood drip into the food? yay for cannibalism!! haha. jk. glad that you're doing better now.

k.mediani said...

Thanks, Davin. Yea it's back easier to draw, write & do everything! Grateful my fingers are all here & fine.
I managed to not get any blood drip into the food. only the table :p
I eat blood too though, deep fried chicken blood :9 when I'm back home.

Viv said...

Hey, Kartika! Nice to meet you! Really great work you have here on your blog...haha...I like your Cuter in Bunny Ears piece...hope your finger is better though! Thanks for your nice feedback on my sketches as well. All the best to you!

k.mediani said...

Hey Viv! Thank you so much for your very very kind words! I have a lotttt of pencil/ink mileage to hit before I can be a little bit near as good as you! :)
We've met in person very very briefly at Nucleus, during the Edward Scissorhands Tribute opening night, introduced by Chengwhich :) I hope to see you both in person some time soon enough!