Adventure Play

One of the plays my sister and I used to play when we were little kids. We used badminton rackets, sat on a mattress and imagined we were on an adventure, in a huge wild river, in the middle of the jungle. Haha it was a lot of fun! Now my sister uses the racket to play badminton properly and well! I don't.. >__<
It was her birthday few days ago. So proud of you, Sis!



First time joining SketchCrawl. it was the 30th SketchCrawl yesterday and the LA one took place at the Natural History Museum. These are few pages from yesterday.


the Fish's Dream

the Fish's Dream from Kartika Mediani on Vimeo.

Final assignment for Intro to Animation class at The UCLA Animation Workshop.
Cell Painted and background was color pencil. Clean up was done with black sharpie marker. Shot under a digital camera. Based on the idea I've been sketching around: The blue fish that somehow lives in a balloon and belongs to a little girl.

Had a lot of fun with my classmates working so hard at the lab during Thanksgiving break to meet the deadline.

Winter break 2010

Some of the sketches I did during my Winter break. Yay SIGGRAPH Asia 2010 was so much fun! I tried to sketch out the Student Volunteer Office room but it didn't turn out well :( Then I got to see my family for a bit. It was a really packed break, and too short. My little brother helped me coloring the big white chunks on the last sketch.