Adventure Play

One of the plays my sister and I used to play when we were little kids. We used badminton rackets, sat on a mattress and imagined we were on an adventure, in a huge wild river, in the middle of the jungle. Haha it was a lot of fun! Now my sister uses the racket to play badminton properly and well! I don't.. >__<
It was her birthday few days ago. So proud of you, Sis!


Jesse Soto said...

My sister and myself use to take the couch mattresses from our Dad's and ride them down the flight of stairs. We clocked over 6 mph until we go hurt. Good stuff :P Happy for your sister.

7414Stars said...

Hey Jesse!
Wow, that's crazy of what you and your sister did! We didn't have any stairs at home, but if we did, our parents would say it was too dangerous to do what you guys did!
Bet it was so much fun though!!