An illustration that I rushed in a night :/ and turned it for a class homework last week. I knew I could work on it way more, knew where the not-so-good parts >_< but deadline was deadline. Based on a quick doodle I made while in class last semester. I posted that doodle in one of my older posts.
Have you ever experienced that feeling?


Bone sucker??

This slimy creature thing appeared in my not-so-comfortable dream last night, walking on the wall and had a sly smirk on its face. It was said that if you got your bone sucked by this creature, just a little, but twice would be enough to kill you--what?? Glad it doesn't exist. At least, haven't heard bout it. Did this to give myself a break from working on my project, before I forget.



She was in front of my boss/teacher, in the line to get coffee in the morning.
Tried to remember what she looked like and sketch it out.

This was probably what I looked like around noon today.
I got my coffee between classes. People said I looked tired...
and I need a haircut. Well, they didn't say this part.
Doodled this out at work while talking to a friend ;)


"Haunted" House Next Door

When I was brushing my teeth this morning, my mind reached a memory of my childhood that I kinda almost forgot.
We used to live right next to a dark empty house for years when I was a kid.
Right away, I got the sudden urge and knew I have to draw it out later during the day.


Monday 8 AM

What I felt I'd do in class... but I couldn't.
I just tried to make it "real happen".