Shoot Shoot the Runner

This wasn't what I was intending to sketch when I saw the trees against sunset sky today.


Happy birthday, Super Adam!

A couple years ago Adam gave birth to Jeff the Robot, and his friend, a boy named Mo. So I drew a fanart and added the creation process on the covers of a moleskine sketchbook I gave to Super Adam Holmes for his birthday today!

I wrote with ink on the inside cover, hence it is a real deal contract with my impossible-to-copy-signature, that if within 6 months he fill up all of this little sketchbook pages, I'd get him a piece of cake. To think about it, that's totally too long of a given time, that made me too generous!! This sketchbook is small! I'm now regretting it but I already wrapped it up. Well, the size of the piece of cake wasn't stated... heheh.

Anyway, if you haven't seen Adam's film featuring Jeff the Robot, you definitely should check it out here! He finished this film while also being our loyal TA, in fact, he was our TA for 2 years in a row (total 6 quarters in a row). He really was a super TA and saved some of us who had problems throughout our filmmaking process. 
He's also a very good friend and an amazing artist/designer too! FYI, he wears those type of glasses that totally makes him look like Clark Kent. My classmates made a legit Super Adam TShirt this past summer, and for sure I own one too :)



My professor told me watch Jojo in the Stars and he said I'd like it.
And I did. It's a very beautiful 12 minute film, written & directed by Marc Craste. Better watch it when all the lights are off and you're about to go to bed, like I did. It slipped my mind that I'd get a nightmare :)