Ink wasting meditation

One of those ink wasting pages I've made while in class or on bus, on a recycled small notepad and using a recycled ballpoint pen I got from an industry event earlier this year.


This was my brother more than 10 years ago. Almost every evening, he would sit on the floor for such a long time and spin the basketball on its Y axis without moving anywhere else. While the basketball kept spinning and spinning really fast, he'd stare at it intensely. I had no idea how he pulled it off - I tried to spin it like he did --> instant failure! And sometimes he did it with out frying pan too! He was a weird baby, like his sister I guess.


Terminus - character & shot sketches

 Did this over the weekend for an independent drama short called "Terminus". The storyboard was done very quick just based on the shot list I was given. More info about the film can be viewed here and here's the Kickstarter link!



One of Those Dreams

I had this dream one morning this past week. Jumping around on top of ruined buildings, and suddenly big cats appear chasing me. Scary, but seriously felt pretty cool. There's bigger story and world within the dream, maybe I'll sketch another one later.