Road to Perdition study

Thumbnails study I did for class and I picked Road to Perdition. I always wanted to study that movie and now finally I got the perfect excuse to get it done. If you haven't seen the movie yet, I suggest you to. The late Conrad Hall did an absolute beautiful cinematography work! with the great direction from Sam Mendes. It also has beautiful original score and sound design. 

Some People Sketches

Some of my recent sketching. The sepia ones were done last Friday night as I was burnt out working on computer the whole time. The rest was done yesterday on campus, waiting for class to start.. that apparently started late :/ and I doodled more in class ;)
I'm so rusty!  I need to practice a whole lot more often!


Happy Easter!

So according to one of my friends about Easter Bunny and Eggs, rabbit comes out from eggs. Not exactly correct, but this drawing idea then came to mind. About the correct info of Easter Bunny, please visit the wikipedia page


The Box - storyboard

Storyboard and also Layout from over a year ago, for my 2nd film "The Box". 

Classmates from last quarter

Many of my cinematography classmates in last quarter were fun to draw. As well as the professor, as we had to pay close attention to his awesome lectures! And that was one frame that turned out on my 16mm work print - couldn't use it but since it turned out really cool, I taped it on that page.