Dead Animals on the Street..

Recently, I saw dead animals on the street while I'm on my way to school.
While I was walking to school earlier today (or.. yesterday afternoon to be precise) I saw this scene above a block from my apartment. Poor squirrel! Being hit & run and eaten by the crows :( There were three crows while I walked passing by.
 It was just exactly last week, that I saw a dead cat laid down on the grass, within the same block where I saw the gory scene of the squirrel. This cat had his/her eyes opened, and the throat was slit and there were a couple blood lines on it. The cat was pretty big too. It quite really shocked me, seriously made me wonder what actually happened to this poor cat.
And it was only a month ago that I found this cute small bird.. dead, on the sidewalk on campus. I moved it to the grass area behind the big pine tree, the so no one would step on it since the pavement of the sidewalk was also gray in color :( I didn't know how could I bury it without trespassing others properties. I took a picture of it with my not-so-good phone camera. Made me sad.