Sunny Side Up

I think it's pretty rare to get this kind of sunny side up at a breakfast restaurant :D
(I mean, you ordered for 2 eggs and got 3 egg yolks, not a sunny side up with smileys)



A quick doodle I found in my old sketchbook (not that old, just the one I used during last semester).
Don't remember exactly what was I experiencing at that moment, that made me quickly draw this.

07142009 afternoon


My first moleskin

My friends just happened to take me to Barnes & Noble, and suddenly I needed to take some notes.
Didn't have any piece of paper with me, so let's give the legendary notebook a try.
I put the sticker that my friend gave me on the cover (with his initial and XO)

My very simple version of the very talented illustrator and good friend who gave me the sticker ^^

The Tree that Bears Love Fruits

"Grow up and bear lots of fruits," say I.


I've been being nocturnal. Til I got headache yesterday and today cos lack of sleep and I didn't sleep properly.
That one supposed be a hedgehog.. but it looks like sea urchin as well -_-
Hedgehod are mostly nocturnal. And yea, I figure I need to study owls.

Someone asked me to draw an orc for a logo for his video game online store.
I'm not familiar with orcs at all, so had to do some study of orcs.
Above is a page of my study from a World of Warcraft comic book.


Once you...

... gave your "heart", they'd try to take your real heart from you.

Dikasih hati, minta jantung.