Life sketches

I got coffee spilled on the back cover.. It was a very early morning.
It looked like a massive creature jumping for me. Called it the Coffee Monster.

Couple pages from the Moleskine. People sketches from life.


guitar and couple

I turned this in as a homework assignment for my figure drawing class few weeks ago ^__^ It's a great class :)
The idea crossed my mind while I was doing layouts and backgrounds and listening to a piano instrumental piece.
I thought I'd try to do something different from what I usually do.



Couple days ago, I just remembered I sketched something like this 3 years ago.


girl - brown bag

This girl was sitting in front of me yesterday. I thought I'd draw her when I got home.
I hate being sick. Can't be focused for too long T__T


Quicky earlier today

And below are the initial doodle and sketches on paper for the Masks piece before I jumped into Photoshop.


Strathmore 4x6 092309-101509

Some pages from my little sketchbook. From couple of literature and social science classes :p where the lights are on. Some are from when I was in the bus, at work, and one was during lunch before I started scribbling on my friends' to-go-boxes. What I saw and what was on my mind.


Happy B'Day

Quickly drew this out and rushing it, after realizing
today is the birthday of an amazing artist I met over this past summer.
It didn't turn out as I really expected.

There are spots that I should've done better

My monster is mad since I haven't drawn him for a while.