Strathmore 4x6 092309-101509

Some pages from my little sketchbook. From couple of literature and social science classes :p where the lights are on. Some are from when I was in the bus, at work, and one was during lunch before I started scribbling on my friends' to-go-boxes. What I saw and what was on my mind.


Roger Simó said...

Really nice work. You work hard!
Thanks for your visit, I will come back again!

7414Stars said...

Roger, thank you for your kind words ^__________^ It's all the drawings I did in class.. when you're just supposed to listen to the teachers and take notes hehe. I think they're all quite bad drawings since I did them quickly.

I'll visit your blog more definitely! Thanks a lot for spending some time to visit my blog ^___^

Jennifer said...

Hello! I just wanted to let you know that the little Kartika playing guitar made my day! Your drawings look great! See you around! :)

7414Stars said...

Thanks for stopping by, Jen ^__^ I can't play guitar in real world, as well as in my drawing world. See you around ^___^