Couple pages from today

I got this setting in one part of one of my dreams, although not precisely like that.

Sketching a bit while waiting for class at the school garden.


Dancing Wolves

I didn't create or designs these wolves! They're from a super cool and fun music video.
I finally feel much better today but I'm still slow in working. I loveee these wolves and I want them to cheer for me, giving me support to keep working harddd on my film!! It's bit selfish probably hehe.
I did storyboard for my friend's live action film project last weekend and the intense vibe is still quite glued to me that I dreamed bout his film project, twice, instead of my own!

Yeah, I have Wolvies cheering for me starting tonight!!


Sumo Citrus

A scientist friend suggested me to try that new variety of mandarin.

(Another lame doodle.. but I couldn't help thinking of this image when I saw the fruit and its name)


Some cliche doodle...

"Blow-up" of a thumbnail I sketched out while listening to my friend's presentation of her analysis over Waltz with Bashir.


Gotta Be Moar Intense!

Woah, 'intense' doodling was very relaxing!

A Girl and Her Cat

Doodling while waiting for AE to finish rendering earlier.

I blurred out the name of the place where I got this brown bag from.