Couple pages from today

I got this setting in one part of one of my dreams, although not precisely like that.

Sketching a bit while waiting for class at the school garden.


chengwhich said...

that person reading looks soo relaxed - i wish i could be like that, haha. loving the detailed inks on both!

k.mediani said...

Haha same here.
I walked passing people just chillin on the grass, enjoying the sun. Some I saw were reading class materials though.

Fran said...

Nice work guy, Good luck !

if you want you could visit my blog:


bye bye. :)

k.mediani said...

Hi Fran, Thank you for the kind words
again. (I'm a girl, fyi)

Yes I remembered your blog :)
You're still 14 years old?
Wow, just keep what you're doing, create your own characters and soon you'll be a great comic artist! :)

Jake Murray said...

Wow these sketches are beautiful, Kartika! Hope your semester has been great. :)

k.mediani said...

Hi Jake! Thank you for the kind words. Your blog has more awesome posts :D Will visit it more frequently! :)

Meesimo said...

These are great, especially like the dream sketch!

k.mediani said...

Thanks for the kind words, Meesimo!

Florencia Bini said...

Even the settings in your dreams are awesome!
The drawing looks great :)

k.mediani said...

Thank you for the kind words, Florencia!