Quick Happy Birthday Sketch

Today is the birthday of someone very special and important.
I decided to draw her having her first birthday ever, years ago... where she touched the candle instead of blew it.
And... it's on a brown paper bag. Aren't I a bit too cheap, for a birthday wish :p
I gave her a cool present though.
Gotta get back to my work now~~ Was a good sketch-break.



This weekend I went to a camp area and had a tight schedule,
but I managed to make a quick sketch during the break.
Meeting up with friends and some of them already have kids.
I let three of the kids to draw on my sketchbook.
Milcah is 4.5-year-old, Anandha and Joshua are 6-year-old. They're so cute!
A lot of fun watching them drawing! They drew well too! Some talents there!
I don't know who drew the pig-rabbit head on the last drawing, definitely not one of them. Anandha told me, but I forgot.


Happy Rainy Day and Random Whales

Rain is a lot of fun.
And the color is washed off again :/

and some random whales I sketched out few months back.
I think I was done at my work place and had some time until my class started.



I read GOGO Monster yesterday and I liked it a lot!
This character's nickname is IQ. He always wears a cardboard box on his head.
GOGOMonster and IQ character are copyright by Taiyo Matsumoto.


Sketch and doodles

A shot from one of my favorite movies ever, Se7en.
This shot was on the screen for 3-4 seconds. Just quickly did this for fun when I was looking at the library scene.

Back cover for my little sketch/notebook.