Rar Rar Rawrrrr

Somehow a good friend of mine, Erich Burchfield, has been thinking that I'm a dinosaur. I'm supporting his idea.


Reading Daytripper

Very beautifully written and illustrated.
"Life is like a book, and every book has an end. 
No matter how much you like that book... 
you will get to the last page... 
and it will end. 
No book is complete without its end. 
And once you get there... 
only when you read the last words... 
will you see how good the book is. 
It feels real."

I guess it works the same with all of our little stories in life :)


Roommates & Cats

My friend & classmate Rebecca told me this story, sometime last year. Rebecca is very pretty so obviously I didn't draw her well. But Rebecca is also very cool so I'm sure she won't mind my drawing. heheh. And I have no idea how Rose & her cats look like.


Happy Belated Birthday!

to my Dad & brother. Yes, these gentleman in my family shared the same birthday and all these stuff I drew above happened about 13.5 years ago.  I should've spent more time to make a nice drawing for them! >___< but I'm quite slammed like everyone else esp at this time of school year. And it's so hard to draw my own dad D: