I was drawing this for my IM avatar,

but I REALLY think above is a much better self portrait of me.

One of my best buddies is a HUGE Bond's fan.


Mostly Bus People

Some pages from a 3.5x5in Moleskine (with a weird silly art for the cover) that I filled out with all these bad drawings, in less than a month.


"The Wind" by Zac Brown Band

I did some animation on this new single from Zac Brown Band, "The Wind" at Titmouse. Directed by Mike Judge, the project was super fun to animate on that we all put a lot of love into it, and I learned so much from the awesomely talented animation director Grif Kimmins, and everyone else in the team.


Chill Out Lounge

This year has been rolling like crazy especially these past two months, but finally yesterday I got to get out from the city and just away from work, emails, all of those! My really good friend took me to a river and gave me my first tubing lessons and adventure!!! which I loved of course.
And we called this spot in the river between two trees, our Chill Out Lounge where we just enjoyed the beautiful nature around us, the sun, great company and the peacefulness. Also cold beer ;) Life is awesome :)