What I felt this morning.

While I was waiting for my teacher to come to class.
I felt something uncomfortable in my stomach.
So I made this in my little sketchbook until he came to class.


Heartless II

Been feeling something that I don't want to feel.
Can I just leave my heart somewhere before it starts eating me up?



I got home at 4am one day and still wanted to do some stuff.
A friend said I was trying to be idealistic, pretending that I have bunch of stuffs to do.

Sok sibuk? Idealistic? I'm just being realistic.
This is life. No magical fairy who will give me brilliant talent and success.


This is How I Disappear

This is what crossed my mind when "This is How I Disappear" by MCR was played on my imeem.
So, this is how I disappear. How do you disappear?

This morning I was being asked to make more dark sketches after the Dark Doraemon...
and I was planning with my friend to see District 9 when he comes to town since the rating of the movie is very high.
Black ballpoint will make a dark sketch :D
This alien character is copyright of District 9


Thank you

I wanted to send a "Thank You" balloon instead of a thank you card to a friend I met last week..
but my monster popped it T___T

I just quickly & simply wrote it down on a sketchbook page then.
and gave my monster a big piece of paper so he could be involved as well.
(Why is the color always so off.. I have to do solve this problem).