Some Sketches from My Recent Trip

I just got back from my trip to Japan earlier this evening.
SIGGRAPH Asia 2009 rocked for sure! It was held in Yokohama this year. Will be in Seoul next year.
My days were tightly scheduled and didn't get enough sleep at all D:
but I tried to fill up some pages of my Moleskine. Now I need to sleep and fight this jet lag.


Sketching Fever

Sketching Fever attack the Kids. Moleskine cover.
Now I must study for my final exam >__<


Fall 2...

A different version of the story from the previous post.
Special Thanks to Pascal Campion for suggesting a different staging, maybe a close up, for the image I had.



(The color is washed out T__T)
A good friend told me to draw something cute and bright...
so I did something with this drawing below, that I sketched out a week before I was told.
Hope it meets with that criteria "cute and bright".
(Oh, if I click on the image, the color doesn't look that bad... on my screen)

Figure Drawing today

Roughly about 30 minutes, probably.
Looking at it, somehow I wished he used the blue robe he wore in the last class.