Mojave and birthday card

One sunny warm Sunday afternoon, my super good friend and I were on our way back home from our great weekend adventure and passing through Mojave, CA. 

We saw something that was very amusing on the sidewalk right on the US-14.

Several mannequins, lower torso only, wearing different panties were displayed. I asked my dear friend to stop her car a bit so I could take a photo of her standing in between those since they had space. Occasionally she could be not cool and refused my brilliant idea. 

To make it up, I made this for her birthday present wrapper last week with her in her outfit on that day.

I didn't dare to go all the way super curvy sexy, afraid if she would be upset at me! :p



Mindless sketch to loosen up at work today. I seriously need to teach myself how to draw reptiles. Maybe I should get a few as pets, then "free" reptile life drawing!


roof off

based on one of those action-thriller dreams I had a while back.