Another Rainy Day..

It's been raining all day. I saw this lady last year while waiting to cross the street. Her yellow theme caught my attention. Did a quick rough sketch and decided to color it today.


Saw her yesterday

Saw this little girl at the beach yesterday. From profile and quite some distant.


Drawing class earlier today

Today's drawing class was real fun! The model was so awesome! Unfortunately my drawings didn't do enough justice :/


warm up

Lie. Just wanted to draw something else before the actual project. *procrastinator.. T__T
Oh, I drew this character when my friend Saeko gave me the honor to fill up the last page of her sketchbook during class break time. Inspired from what I saw at the Natural History Museum.

Til I see you


Mint Chocochip

Blehhhh my doodles are getting to feel not fun anymore. Shoulda spend more time on them, but I need to spend more time on the actual project too :p


Girl quick doodle

Mystery Box - Falling Lizard 2011

The Mystery Box - part of Falling Lizard 2011 from Kartika Mediani on Vimeo.

This past weekend was the Falling Wizard weekend, an annual animation event at The UCLA Animation Workshop. We all animated on one theme and the voted theme for this year was The Mystery Box

My classmates and I decided to do a group project. Ten of us (the other two didn't come out, busy with their own stuff) drew different kind of boxes, then we switched and animated from one box to another, and made everything to hooked up in a loop.

This is the clip that I contributed.