Heart Puppeted

I've had this image in my head for these past few days.

Sketching it out was a good excuse to take a break from the realistic image I need to get done and studying for final exam.
I should've used color pencil instead of col-erase though :/ or tried some paint.



Some panels for my final for the storyboard class.
I had a hard time "writing" the story, many doodling and writing while on the bus and other places until I came up with a story I'd like to board.


Some Dumping

Waiting for classes to start, on the bus, at the beach, waiting for a friend, for a friend's laundry, and listening to people's talk in meetings and to lectures in classes.


An Awesome Drawing from My Friend

Super cool, hu? My classmate, Saeko, and me were drawing on each other's sketchbook today. She gave me the honor to fill up her last page. I will definitely ask her to fill more sketchbook pages of mine with her cool drawings!



It was orientation day... glad sketchbook was there. The most memorable orientation was my high school orientation. Very tough but very memorable.



Couple nights ago I had another dream as usual, but this time there was a part where I was in the middle of pig farmers neighborhood. Their houses had big wooden fences, with different pig noses painted on them. Weird.


NewFilmmakers LA and ACIFMF

Breath will have another screening next week and this time is in LA! It's at the NewFilmmakers Los Angeles at Sunset Gower Studios and I'm going. There's another screening at the Atlantic City Int'l Film and Music Festival in New Jersey. Unfortunately I won't make it to this one, but if you're in the East Coast and want to check it out, please :)
Again, thank you so much to everyone at CCAD for the support and help, and Jake for the fantastic original music score ^___^


Some sketches while waiting for friends sleeping

While my friend was sleeping at the beach...

While I was waiting for other sleeping friend at the park

I didn't have any friend come along with me.


ABP 2010

My film got in to Animation Block Party 2010. July 30 - August 1, 2010 in Brooklyn, New York. If you can make it, check it out because my good friend, Barbara Benas' film will be screened too and ABP this year will be awesomeee!!


Blue sky...

I was so tired on my way back from school, many people have been asking for me to be there and support them at one time, while my own stuff have been giving me much pressure.
But when I looked up, there was the clear crisp blue and really made me feel better. Then, drawing this out has given me new energy! I love drawing ^^


Storyboard Study - Meeting John Doe

Storyboard study from one of my favorite movies, Se7en, directed by David Fincher.
This is the part when they're visiting John Doe's apartment. The shots are happen at the stairways and the 6th floor hallway of the apartment building. The following shot after is Mills shouting "The Fifth Floor" as he's getting down to the 5th floor.
I saw things I simply didn't notice before although I've watched it quite few times.


White Petals

梔子花 白花瓣 落在我藍色百褶裙上
White petals of orange flowers fall on my blue pleated skirt

A line from a song that a good friend liked, back when I was in middle school.


Red Bird

Have seen this red bird for quite few times on these recent snowing days.


Happy Birthday Sketch Redo

I re-draw the birthday sketch I did bout couple weeks ago.
Thanks to Pascal for the feedback that the previous piece was lack of staging!