Some Original Sketches from Don

Don McCullough has always been phenomenal illustrator and artist, and everybody back in college knew him. I miss hanging out with him also flipping his sketchbook pages and blown away and inspired, just like back in the day.
He gave me some of his original sketches (again) when I saw him few days ago :) He just ripped the pages off from his sketchbook before I had to go.
He signed it. "Love, Don"
This image is on the other side.
He drew me saying "Don forever" -_____-
The hand-made-printed envelope that he put those sketches in so I could carry them back home safely. And he sneaked in a poster of amazingly done image of Hellboy by Mignola :) Thank you so much, man! In the mean time of seeing Don's artwork at gallery shows, check out some of his art on his blog.

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