Character Board

Tear Sheets:

I did this for my Film Studies class, where we had to design costumes for two characters based on the script, and the biographies we wrote of them earlier in the quarter.
Blegh, the character drawings still look stiff! I basically did this for 1 night only, and I added some more stuff on the tear sheets for additional few hours. It was fun reading the scripts and trying to figure out which scenes I want to do, picking up and choosing the quotes.
It's so hard to design costume for these two very iconic characters and well-known, and Michael Kaplan just did real perfect job on the costume designs for this film! So many Tyler Durden's red leather jacket replicas being sold online now. So, I didn't make or create much changes just to make them really different.


Patrick Leyendecker said...

wow like what you found in your research, fight club is a very good movie, and of yours your sketches are very cool.

k.mediani said...

Thank you for stopping by and the very kind words, Patrick!

charlesdusty10 said...

Celebswear is presenting Fight club leather jacket. With the same touch of that original jacket worn by Brad Pitt in the movie fight club.


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is awesome. Love the drawings and the fashion choices. There's guys at the RPF forum who are nuts about Tyler Durden stuff that would love some of these ideas.