Thank You - Telluride Film Fest 2012 Trip!

I was selected as one of ten UCLA FilmLAB Fellows for this year's Telluride Film Festival
It was an extraordinary, one of a kind experience, and I can't express well how much grateful I was to be there, getting to know and hanging out with other UCLA grad students that only two of them I knew of their existence before the orientation meeting, the faculty advisers also everyone I met there and grabbed drinks with :), and of course all the films and wish I got to see more films! 
Telluride is such a gorgeous little town among the mountains of Colorado, and even though I got extremely exhausted after the trip, it definitely was my vacation of this year! and the new place I got to see of this year :) 
Now I've been back being with computer inside buildings :( 

Huge Thanks to everyone who made the trip possible and being part of the terrific Labor day weekend!


Jenny Sherman said...

so cute, it looked like a great trip!

city said...

thanks for sharing...