A Gift from Yinglei Yang

The best roommate ever (or ex-roommate now since we've split), also a really good friend, and super nice girl, as well as awesomely talented and super smart classmate (she solved so many Rubiks cubes when she's on the phone with her parents!! and learned all VFX stuff in no time), Yinglei Yang, gave me a special gift. She made a paper sculpture for me and it's framed too!! I was speechless and couldn't open it at her presence as it was nicely wrapped and I knew my tears would roll down my cheeks.

There's so much love in this world! I never thought someone would ever make a paper sculpture just for me...
A couple months prior Yinglei gave this to me, I received an unexpected package right in front of my door from my beloved awesome sister and bestest friend, Arianni, and it was an action figure of me! I was completely speechless and ready to cry as I opened the package very carefully.

You can see more pictures of it on her blog post here.

Thank you so so much, Yinglei and Anni!! 

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